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In order to implement the national production safety policy and the production safety responsibility system, and create a production atmosphere of "safety management is everyone's responsibility", recently, Censtar H2e and Cenroad held a full production safety education launching ceremony.

Zhou Liang, general manager of the company, emphasized at the launching ceremony that safety is the cornerstone of enterprise development, and that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the important guiding spirit of national safety production, make every effort to improve safety management, and further increase the efforts of safety production propaganda and education. We should strengthen our safety awareness in our daily work. No matter when and where, we should keep the safety production work in mind, shoulder our own responsibilities, and ensure that all work is implemented.


At the ceremony, all personnel raised their hands, clenched their fists, and solemnly read out the oath: "I will always pay attention to safety, work carefully according to the rules; comply with safety regulations, perform safety duties; strictly abide by the rules and regulations, improve safety skills; eliminate command against rules, rule-breaking operations and violation of labor discipline, and ensure that "I will not hurt myself, I will not hurt others, I will not be hurt by others, and I will protect others from being hurt"; I swear I will pay attention to safety. Please, families and leaders, don't worry about me!" When the oath-takers call out their name, it represents that everyone has shouldered their own safety responsibilities and also shows their determination and confidence in safe production.


At the same time, the company conducted simultaneous safety education and training for all project teams and local service centers to convey the safety production requirements, and then the service personnel in different places took the safety oath.


In addition, for the safety risk factors such as physical fatigue, emotional instability and lack of concentration after the epidemic, the company issued a Rework Education Training Card to all departments, requiring careful inspection of work and production, so that employees can be fully aware of the safety risks of their jobs and be a highly responsible member of us.


Censtar H2e and Cenroad have always placed emphasis on safety development and have held many educational and practical activities with the theme of "safety" since 2022:

Activity 1: The company's "Production Safety Month" activities

In June 2022, the company set up a leading group headed by the general manager to carry out the production safety month activities: in-depth study and dissemination of the new Production Safety Law to enhance the awareness of production safety and safety culture of all members; organize and call on all members to participate in the New Security Law Knowledge network knowledge competition activities to create a strong atmosphere of the law, obeying the law, and using the law; carry out the activity of "Identification action of the potential hazards" to improve the ability of each employee to identify potential hazards; organize the learning of a series of safety-related education courses such as Case Analysis of Safety Production Accidents, Fifteen Measures for Safety Production and Life is more important than everything.


Activity 2: Potential hazards identification of safety production
In November 2022, during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to ensure the stable operation of the company and the physical and mental health of employees, the company carried out differentiated management according to the attendance of employees, and the work of safety production was particularly important. All departments of the company jointly carried out the "potential hazards identification of safety production" activities to find potential hazards and promote production.


Activity 3: "Safety production inspection" at the end/beginning of the year

In December 2022, in order to ensure that the production, operation and maintenance, and construction safety situation is stable at the end and beginning of the year, the company organized a safety production inspection to further strengthen the awareness of safety production and conduct a comprehensive, in-depth and detailed safety production inspection. In addition, the company organized five consecutive days of safety education and training activities, learning the Safety Production Should Know Manual, Safety Color Marking Management, Safety Production Should Know Manual, Pre-Spring Festival Safety Education and Training, etc., and spent the peaceful Spring Festival safely and smoothly in the work practice.