Censtar H2e wins the 2022 Hydrogen Energy Storage and Transportation Science and Technology Progress Award!


According to the Notice on the Winners of Innovation Award of the China Energy Conservation Association - 2022 Enterprise Contribution Award for Hydrogen Energy Industry and Science and Technology Progress Award recently issued by Hydrogen Energy Industry Committee, Censtar H2e won the 2022 Hydrogen Energy Storage and Transportation Science and Technology Progress Award.



The Hydrogen Energy Industry Committee is a branch approved by the China Energy Conservation Association. Guided by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is committed to promoting the high-quality development of China's hydrogen energy industry and building a platform for the convergence of resources in the hydrogen energy industry.

The Hydrogen Energy Technology Progress Award is a comprehensive award for the nationwide selection in the field of hydrogen energy. It is registered and approved by the national science and technology authorities, and is evaluated from three dimensions: outstanding technical innovation, significant economic or social benefits, and high degree of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, with strong demonstration, driving and diffusion capabilities.

This award represents the industry's recognition of high-quality development in the field of hydrogen energy, and has attracted many outstanding projects from domestic universities, research institutions, and hydrogen energy industry enterprises to participate in the selection. The Smart Hydrogen Station Equipment project of Censtar H2e has achieved a unified integrated design of 35/70MPa hydrogen filling equipment and 45/90MPa hydrogen boosting and storage equipment. The control system of the entire station can achieve real-time remote transmission of equipment data, intelligent analysis, and warning functions, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the hydrogen station. The project's technological innovation and transformation achievements have been highly recognized and positively evaluated by the judging panel, showcasing Censtar H2e's comprehensive strength.

In recent years, Censtar H2e has continuously increased R&D investment and actively cooperated with scientific research institutes and other institutions. Related technologies and equipment have won many national and industry awards. Up to now, Censtar H2e owns a total of 3 invention patents and more than 60 utility model patents; it has participated in the development of 3 national standards and 4 group standards.

Censtar H2e has always adhered to the development concept of technological and product innovation, continuously increasing its investment in research and development. With hydrogen station equipment and system as its core, the company continuously improves the localization level of equipment manufacturing and system control for hydrogen energy infrastructure, reducing the construction and operation costs of the entire station. This helps to promote investment and construction of China's hydrogen energy infrastructure and accelerate the rapid and healthy development of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry.